HAProxy listen on LAN

  • Hi there, I have a pfsense VM on hyper-v with HAProxy + ACME that works great as reverse proxy for connections from WAN to our internal web servers, I want to know if there is a way for the LAN clients to connect to the internal web servers through HAProxy.
    Now the frontend is set to listen on to the WAN interface and we have 2 internal DNS servers.
    I tried to set internal LAN interface to listen on the frontend and point the domain to the pfsense LAN interface from our internal DNS servers but it didn't work...

  • @Dredex
    Haproxy can listen on your LAN-IP.. But if your (web-)server is also on that same LAN network segment, then you cannot use the transparent-client-ip feature for that traffic, maybe thats where some possible trouble's occurred.?

  • Thank you, this was the problem...

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