DNS Resolver speed query

  • Hi,
    Before I start asking for help with my problem I wanted to make sure that I do actually have a problem. I am using pfBlocker and DNS Resolver with DNS over TLS, DNS query forwarding option (declared dns servers in General). I am running on a good spec server that has plenty of spare CPU and memory.

    My issue is that when I run DNS queries direct to Cloudflare/ Google etc I have circa 15-20msec response times. When I go through DNS Resolver it is more like 300-500msec and regularly get requests that take 4+ seconds.

    I understand (broadly) how the resolver works and that it will inherently take longer than a direct or forwarder request but is the above reasonable? This makes my internet browsing noticeably laggy and will need to improve somehow. I would love to work through some faultfinding of my config but wanted to check that I actually have a problem first. Thoughts??

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