Disk Geometry Problem on New 1.2.2 Install - HP/Compaq D220 MT

  • I'm new here and trying my first install for a home based router/firewall.

    Acquired a gently used HP D220 with WinXP loaded and running and the following specs:
    Pentium 4 2.4G
    40G Ultra ATA Drive
    512M Memory
    DVD/CDRW (Lite-On)
    On Board 10/100 LAN

    I updated the BIOS to the latest level and verified all was working.

    Disabled the onboard LAN and installed two Intel NIC's … all good.

    Put in the 1.2.2 Live CD and let it boot up ... identify my WAN and LAN interfaces ... all good.

    Hit option 99 and start the hard drive install.

    It does not like my disk geometry of 19158/16/255 and suggests otherwise which I accept.
    I get an error at this point and can't get past it.

    Saw some mention of changing drive options in the bios but there are none there related to the hard drive.

    Should I just try installing FreeBSD?  GAG?

    Seems like I have drive issues but the system was perfectly fine with WinXP until I started the PFSense install.
    Now I can't even install Windows to the drive as it seems to be hosed.

    Searching the forum it appears I need to boot FreeBSD and use that to partition/format the drive and then install PFSense.
    I did burn a FreeBSD 7.1 boot cd last night and start the install but maybe I need to go further.
    I'm going to try and work through that tonight but I'm not completely clear on the steps to go through.

    Any suggestions?



  • Sorted it out last night.
    I burned a FreeBSD 7.0 LiveCD and started the install taking it far enough to get the disk partitioning done.
    Then performed the PFSense 1.2.2 install and it all worked.

    It appears that fdisk on the PFSense LiveCD does not have the capability to change disk geometry.
    I have seen a couple other posts reporting this. 
    Would this not be considered a bug?


  • Same problem here on 1.2.3-RC1 - as you say, should this be considered a bug?

    I've been battling to get pfSense installed for over 8 hours today, I feel like throwing the firewall through the window!


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