Dell Poweredge 1850 - Cant ping anything and cant ping the firewall either?

  • Installed PFsense on a dell poweredge 1850 without a hitch, found all the raid stuff fine, seems to find the NICs etc etc.

    Come to setup the two interfaces, that goes okay too.

    Setup my LAN iface static address on em0  and that goes okay.  Wan is on em1.  Plug in the network cable to the LAN iface, go to the shell and type "ifconfig" and see  the interface looks configure, it is "active" and is set to correct address when I plug the cable in and the light on the back lights up fine.

    Can't ping anything on our subnet from the pfsense server (poweredge 1850), also anything on our network cannot ping the pfsense firewall either.  There is something very wrong.   ???  The NICs are fine and connection to switch is up because just before was running windows server 2003 without a problem.

    Also just for a test to see if the other nic was working (wan) I plugged that in to see if it would receive a DHCP address from our network, and it didnt get one!

    Any ideas what could be up here?  I'm a bit of a linux/bsd newby.

    Cheers,  8)


  • I have just noticed, that the interfaces displayed at the top of the menu, only the WAN interface (set for dhcp) shows an asterisk next to it.

    The Lan Address, just has nothing.

    What does that mean?

  • :P :P :P :P

    Me being an absolute twirp.  This server was used in the DMZ before and it was still connected to the old juniper firewall on the DMZ port!!!

    What a T*T !!  :)  hehe

    Works fine now.

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