OpenVPN client connects, but no internet, likely due to NAT rules..

  • I used to use PIA as a VPN provider for most of my LAN items, one of which was for the clients which came through my OpenVPN server. Basically, I had it set up to go from my phone/laptop, back home to get an IP in the subnet, then it went to the subnet, where DHCP took over and gave it an address which had access to my LAN, but also received WAN internet from the VPN.

    However, I switched from PIA to Windscribe and have it set up and working with my LAN devices (unless they manually whitelisted by MAC address). However, in this process of switching VPNs, my personal OpenVPN server will allow the client to connect, and I can see that it is getting an IP of, but I am not getting internet. When I check the DHCP server, I don't see my client in there, and I believe it should be getting an IP between (that's the IP range that I have my DHCP server set to. By this thinking, I believe that I have something wrong in my NAT rules, but I am just not seeing it. Does anyone see anything that would not allow traffic to point to traffic, then get internet from my Windscribe interface?

    Here is a screenshot of my current NAT rules. I feel like there is something wrong that I've gone over a bunch of times and can't figure it out!

    Thanks a ton ahead of time!

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