Squidguard and squid installation order ?

  • Dear Forum,

    I have installed pfSense 2.3.5 on an old thin VXL Itona thin client (32bit Via C7 processor with 2Gb RAM)
    After several days trying to configure squid and squidguard. I found out the following :

    1 - Installed squid package 0.4.43_1 (squid 3.5.27_3+squidclamav 6.16+c-icap-modules-0.4.5) alone : squid and antivirus work correctly. The antivirus accurately detects all of the Eicar test files.

    2 - Installed squidguard package 1.16.4 (squidguard-1.4_15) (without enabling it) : Proxy and antivirus go haywire. They sometimes work, sometimes don't work.
    I tried clearing the cache on the browsers (firefox and chrome) to no avail...

    The Eicar test show that the antivirus detects only half of the signatures in the test files.

    Once I enable Squidguard with a simple "allow" default access, the antivirus erratically detects the bad signatures once in a while, sometimes a file passes, sometimes it does not ! Proxy works erratically, allowing me to open https websites but blocking http websites !.

    Once I uninstall Squidguard, I need to uninstall and reinstall the Squid package itself before everything can go back to normal.

    Follow-up :
    I have tested the exact same version on a Virtualbox virtual machine and everything works as expected without any problem.

    Does anybody have an idea so I can solve this issue ?

    Thank you !

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