Bug: PPP passwords (or what) need to match (I found the cause...)

  • I see this posted a dozen+ times, and it's always "Can't Reproduce". Well I can send you the HTML pages the software has rendered- but making any changes to the WAN interface throws errors about the passwords not matching.

    NOW- I do believe this is the root cause: Chrome's password manager is sticking in 'admin' and some passwords into the fields. And since pfSense is serving those pages but not rendering them, they get stuck in the (and not visible).

    The fix? Going into the Developer Tools and literally deleting all the DIV tags associated with those (PPP, PPoE, etc). Once I did that, the assignment changes worked perfectly.

    I hope this is enough to finally be able to reproduce this bug and (perhaps) fix it.

    Again, it's if you've saved any passwords for the site that you're on- Chrome will attempt to fill in those fields. The DHCP tab doesn't show the PPP information, but Chrome populates the password fields with the saved password for the pfSense site.

    "PPP Password and confirm password must match"

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