bind9 webinterface/failure "journal rollforward failed"

  • when editing zones that are used as dynamic DNS zones too, sometimes the following error occurs:

    general: error: zone journal rollforward failed: not exact

    the resultion as given here and here is to delete the journal and restart bind9 via webinterface.

    rm /cf/named/etc/namedb/master/Vbc/10.#.#.DB.jnl

    Locking the zones before editing can help according to the entry pasted above:

    rndc freeze <zone>


    rndc reload <one>
    rndc thaw <zone>

    My question: WHY does the bind webinterface does not lock the zone before committing? We had a real bad situation today where mails didn't arrive due to the above error.
    Does anyone has a LONG TERM solution, how editing zones via webinterface and using them as dynamic zones at the same time works?

    Best regards,

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