[SOLVED] Some android clients cant reach WAN (via VLAN Interface)

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    Add the Mac-Address of the Client to the LAN Captive portal MAC-Pass list even if it is going via the Guest-Interface.....

    Hello Together,..

    i got a strange issue..

    I have one Physical LAN interface on my pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2..
    I created 2 VLAN Interfaces in pfSense additional to the "normal untagged LAN"..
    So i got Normal LAN + VoIP VLAN 10 + Guest VLAN 20.

    DHCP Server is enabled for each interface.

    Everything is running as expected.. Normal LAN clients get 192.168.0.x - VoIP Phones get 192.168.10.x - Guest clients get 192.168.20.x addresses..

    Now the strange thing..
    Some (older) android devices on the guest network are unable to reach the WAN..
    They are getting an IP Address of the DHCP Server running on the VLAN 20 interface on my pfSense.

    But they are unable to connect to the internet?
    I got multiple other devices working flawlessly on the Guest Network.. (Newer Android phones, Apple devices,..)

    If i look at Diagnostics -> States and enter the IP address of the client facing that issue - there is not a single state showing up...?

    If i connect that device to the "normal" Network it works without any problems..
    The Guest network got its own APs.. The VLAN Tagging happens at the Switch because the APs dont support VLAN. As mentioned before.. Only a few Devices got that issue on the Guest network..

    Does anyone have an idea how i can solve that strange issue?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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