Feature Request: Ability to Allow for Limited Time

  • Right now we have the choice to Allow or Deny IP addresses in the Firewall Status Page.

    What would be convenient at times is to be able to temporarily Allow connections that time out at pre set times. For example after 15 minutes or 1 hour or even a day etc.

    That way you could allow connections that are needed temporarily without having to go back in and remove or disable those later.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    Perhaps that job would be better suited for captive portal functionality?
    Otherwise one could think about some time based / scheduled rules? It depends on the purpose of that rules being timed only.

  • Are we talking about IP Addresses or Firewall Rules here? I see both in the posts up above...

    If IP Addresses, what would be the point of removing or disabling those numbers at a later time, after your timer/scheduler expired? I understand the timed schedule on rules, and I use them myself. But I don't understand on IP Addresses.


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