Traffic Shaping AND fq_codel in 2.4.4

  • Hello,

    I have recently discovered the threads about CoDel and have implemented it on top of the traffic shaping I had already to prioritize my Voice traffic. Unfortunately the issue I have is that my WAN is built with OpenMTCProuter for WAN aggregation and includes 2 ADSL and 2 4G lines which creates a lot of jitter and impact the quality of the calls.
    But it's getting better now :)

    Here is what I have

    1/ If I am correct, I am wrong and there should be only the entries for OUT Connections. Therefore I can delete line 7

    2/ Line 4 and 5 should be duplicated to have IN and OUT directions? Initially I had 2 lines to put the traffic in the qVoIP queue but now that I have added Codel through WANUploadQ and WANDownloadQ then each line should be devided in 2 to put it in IN and OUT with a defaultGW.

    3/ Does CoDel make sense for UDP traffic?

    4/ In general my issue was more around delay and bandwidth therefore I was wondering if it makes still sense to keep the traffic shapping. I can always disable the QVoIP entries or put a different default GW to directly send this traffic to one ADSL. Any recommendation or experience here?

    Thank you very much

    If you want to understand my WAN setup the PC below is my Pfsense

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