how come my vlan ain't working anymore

  • I'm running the latest pfsense with the setup from nguvu. My AP has the vlans configured and sending it to pfsense, all the other vlans are still working but vlan10_admin aint connect me to the net the last days.
    (i must admit i had changed the config.xml cause i had a OCD because i couldn't handle the unsorted setup i created, maybe there went something wrong⛑ )

    There are no changes in the firewall rules made, i get my dhcp from it when connecting via the vlan. I'm trying to open a site but it seems that i cannot go through the firewall, there are no states created. i'm trying the log files but i cannot make a lot from it atm. i cannot even open the site. I see that there are dns requests and thats it.

    Any help in how to tackle this problem. What i have found in the log is
    kernel ifa_maintain_loopback: deletion failed for interface igb3.10: 3


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    @Nan0tEch said in how come my vlan ain't working anymore:

    with the setup from nguvu

    This means nothing!

    So you dicked with the xml directly? And now are wondering what is wrong?

    Yeah put the xml to before you dicked with it!

  • @johnpoz
    Speaking of a dicked anwser.

    I’m building my firewall for over 3 months now and i want it running like i want at september where i get my fiberoptics in my new house.

    This is my second build but i couldn’t handle my cluther. Soi diged into the xml after a week of inspecting how it is put together i started editing it. I had 2 typos in the xml when uploading and they where corrected. But something whent wrong on the vlan10 site.

    This is now also solved by deleting everything from this interface and just rebuild this admin lan.

    No pain no gain, and for the sake of learning, i just wanted to hear how you can solve problems how to diagnose it.

    And nguvu has some great tutorials to get started with pfsense. But yeah your the pro probably.

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    Removed linked to shit site...
    "Last revised 28 January 2018."

    Yeah that is current <rolleyes>

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