Bandwidthd monitoring openvpn subnet while using lan interface

  • I have added the openvpn subnet to the configuration for bandwidthd and it does show up with some data but it doesn't seem to track reliably.

    I know bandwidthd can't listen on two interfaces and for what it's worth, I don't have an openvpn interface (ovpn1) created. Is there some way to ensure that bandwidthd is able to track the lan and openvpn subnets? Lan appears to be accurate but the openvpn subnet shows like 100KB where my client vpn software shows 20MB downloaded. Also, it only show TCP data and nothing on http. All traffic is forced through vpn.

  • On further thought, I think I understand why it won't work...

    Openvpn is connected to the wan and traffic from openvpn unless going to the lan, like dns, isn't going through the lan interface. So it is technically monitoring the data correctly for the interface it just isn't able to do what I want it to do.

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