Issues with DNS forward

  • I am running both DNS resolver and well as DNS forwarder. I have a VPN VLAN that makes use of the DNS resolver with no issues. My other VLANs make use of the DNS forwarder, and my issue is that when I attempt to ping a name or even an IP address, it fails. The strange thing if I download, wget or ssh a domain there is not problem, but pinging an address, it fails.

    I have checked my rules, and I have ICMP rules on both the WAN interface as well as the interfaces that make use of the DNS forwarder. I have NAT set up correctly, and obviously DNS is resolving, but when it comes to allowing ping to work, it is failing.

    Any ideas on what it missing?

  • After looking closely at my rules, I found that my source was set for an address as opposed to the network. One quick change and all was good in the Universe!