Behaviour double wan ?

  • hello everyone
    i got a question regarding the behaviour of pfsense in a double wan scenario.

    one pfsense based on apu2c4 with 3 nic
    nic 1 configured as wan1 with one isp (24Mb/2Mb)
    nic 3 configured as wan2 with an other isp (22Mb/1.5Mb)
    nic2 configured as LAN.

    No gateway group created

    On Lan firewall rules i isolate 3 ip (one asterisk box and two yealink phone) and forced them to use wan2

    Last week i got one server on lan side that saturate upload of wan1.

    This seems affected the wan2 as i got several disconnection of tel call and i don't understand why.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is the firewall default route via WAN1? Some traffic from those boxes, like DNS, might still be going that way if they use pfSense. You would that expect that to affect an existing call though.


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