FreeRADIUS3 OTP and WiFi

  • Hello,

    I am using RADIUS for my WiFi network. It works fine with a username and password. EAP-PEAP with MSCHAPv2 works fine with my phones (iPhone, Android), tablets (iPad, Android) and my laptop (Debian GNU/Linux).

    I did notice OTP. Is it possible to use OTP with WiFI?

    Maybe this question is a bit odd, as the password keeps changing. I did test EAP-PEAP MSCHAPv2 and GTC to see if my phone authenticates once - just as a test - but it fails.

    GTC results in "EAP sub-module failed" and MSCHAPv2 results in "No NT/LM-Password".

    Any ideas if this is feasible? Or if something similar works better? Thanks.

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    So why would you want to make your life so difficult? Who are the clients to access said wireless network?

    Why not just lock down who can access with eap-tls? Ie use a cert..

  • I'm just curious if something like this is possible. But I think you are right :-)

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    Just because freerad supports such a thing - why would you think connecting to wifi network would.. Does your AP support such a model? With OTP to auth to the wifi network?

  • @johnpoz I just added my Ruckus R500 under "NAS / Clients" using a client shared secret and configured a test network on my access point.

    Authentication of the WiFi users is done by FreeRADIUS based on a username and password. It's just out of curiosity to see if OTP would work instead of a password.

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    I guess it could replace the password with the otp... But that would really be such a pain the ass... What happens when wifi drops or something and you need to reauth.

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