Why do some clients bypass limiters

  • Hello guys, i have a Wisp business and currently have a pfsense box as my firewall.Recently i realized that some 5Mbps Clients were able to bypass their limits and even go up to 8Mbps.What might be there problem?

  • Hi @OpenWifi - can you please describe your traffic shaping setup in more detail? Also, are you using a Proxy (Squid) by chance?

  • Hi @tman222 I just set limiters(5Mbps, 7Mbps, 10Mbps) then created Aliases for each type of client. Althoug it has been working perfectly for about a month now but recently when i check ntopng, i find that some clients pass the threshold. And i uninstalled Squid about a week ago

  • Netgate Administrator

    If clients had connections open before you applied those Limiters they may still have unlimited firewall states present. If they are using an always on VPN for example.
    Reset the states, see if it's still there. That will be disruptive though.


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