C3000 with Intelx553 issue

  • I'm having an issue getting Pfsense recognizing my Intel X553 and the connecting Marvell 88E6190X SOC switch. The devices recovery OS connects via vlan virtual function interface and the PHY's are configured via an MDIO script. My problem is that PFsense installs and doesn't have MDIO on the driver for the X553. I downloaded the freebsd driver from Intel and compiled it then loaded it into a module. Is there some other trick I should be using to get the MDIO functions for PFsense? I know the SG7100 uses basically the exact same setup I'm using so I know it will work I just need someone to point out my errors.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What hardware is that? Sounds interesting.

    Is the switch configured by default to something useful or do you need to configure it first?

    Is the internally connected ix port just not recognised at all?


  • The device is a blackbox sample I am trying to evaluate. As I said it is similar to the 7100 in that 88E6190X is supposed to connect two of the 10Gb X553 backplane ports to 6 gbe ports. As you can imagine for a small office those are pretty useful for setting up a WAN connection. Pfsense does identify 4 10Gb ix ports. However it is not able to properly control the ports. If I plug in a 10Gb DAC to ix1 (one of two SFP+ ports) into my switch. Then try and bring the port up the device still shows state down. I've tried several OS's on this thing already and while standard distros are able to bring the SFP ports up PFsense can't. The next step I was gonna try was to virtualize on fedora/rhel/centos a pfsense and pass a couple Virtual Functions to the VM off from the SFP's. It isn't what I wanted to do but it will get it semi-working at least. The goal though is to install baremetal and not give up the additional 5-10% overhead.

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    That's the ports not connected to the internal switch then?

    Try pfSense 2.5 if you're not already. Try FreeBSD 12 or 13 even.


  • Well I was able to get the 10G ports working with the new driver from FreeBSD however the driver doesn't seem to have MDIO support so no way to connect into the marvell switch on board.

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