Change the number of records shown in Summary View Pie Charts

  • Just wondering if there's any "easy" way to increas the number of records pfsense reads (or maybe more accurately, DISPLAYS) when displaying Summary Pie Charts. For example, in the Source IP's chart, I'd like to see the top 50 entries rather than the default 5.

    I haven't been able to find a setting for that. Does it exist or would it have to be done by altering the code for the page that retrieves the records?

  • So, I think I found it in the file.....


    Line 32

    $lines = 5000;
    $entriesperblock = 5;

    I "think" I just need to change 5 to whatever I want.

  • YEP !!!

    That did it. Now I can have the Pie Charts include any number of entries I choose. 5 wasn't a big enough sample (IMO)

    I set mine to display the top 25 entries.

    The more I use this, the more I like it.👍

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, that could be gui variable quite easily I would think. You could add it as a feature request. Or submit a pull request...


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