Problem Squid+SquidGuard

  • Greetings to all:

    I have a problem with configuring Squid + SquidGuard, I got it all set up, however the case that browsers do not make it to the case of ACLs porliticas that I created, I set a port for navagadores, yet without the navagan PCs proxy and the proxy configured not make the case that I have created ACLs.

    if someone knows that it can be happening, or am doing wrong, please ayudadita a need in this case,

    My configuration is as follows:

    in Squid
    Proxy interface = LAN
    Allow users on interface = checked
    Custom Options redirect_program = / usr / local / bin / squidGuard-c / usr / local / etc / squidGuard / squidGuard.conf; redirector_bypass on; redirect_children 3

    Reglon Access Control
    Allowed subnets =

    Proxy filter SquidGuard Content:
    Enable = checked
    Blacklist = checked
    Blacklist URL =
    Default destination = all denied

    Reglon ACL:
    Normal = No porn, no spyware, all Allowed all
    Source IP addresses and domains = =

    So is my configuration but I do not run the ACLs of SquidGuard.

    I have configured for customers Pfsense them of the address (DHCP), using as the address of the Gateway Pfsense.
    ie that all traffic passes through the Pfsense, and is supposed to be filtered by SquidGuard,

    But I do not run any of the rules of denial.

    A little help to see what's going on

  • Squid in transparent mode? Also pls post to my PM SG logs.

  • Hi

    I not configured Proxy transparent, i used port 8080 for my clients


    Squid in transparent mode? Also pls post to my PM SG logs.

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