NAT for Two LAN Subnet

  • Hi ,

    Iam having 3 Interfaces, WAN , LAN and OPT.

    OPT is Internal IP of Another Firewall. I want to Access the IP in OPT1 through WAN NAT Rule.

    is that possible.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So you want to access IP in the opt1 network, where that IP points to a different gateway.. If reading that correctly...

    Could draw it up to be clear - but if understanding your ? correctly... You have couple ways to do it.. You can either source nat so traffic from pfsense wan actually looks like it comes from the IP of pfsense in the opt1 network.

    Or you could host route on the IP your wanting to access so it knows how get back to the source IP via pfsense opt1 IP..

    3rd option would be to alter the network layout so you don't run into this sort of issue.

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