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  • Hello! I have 30 computers inside my network that have my netbios names. Since netbios is constantly buggy with re-election, I want to write in pfsense direct links "name", "address", as in hosts. for example

    This is necessary so that other computers can ping them using the commands ping comuser2, etc.

    I went into dns - domain overrides and registered bundles, but even pfsense itself does not ping them by name. How can this be done in pfsense?

  • You would use a host override, not a domain override. You provide the host, the domain and the IP address it should resolve to. It just works.

  • First, are all of your 30 computers assigned static IP addresses? If not, your overrides will be worthless the next time a computer reboots and gets some other IP address from DHCP.

    If you use DHCP from your pfSense box, you can have the DHCP server register the hostnames in the DNS Resolver of pfSense.

    If you use static IP addressing for your computers, then you can enter Host Overrides in the DNS Resolver. You would only use a domain override if you have an actual fully qualified domain. If you were formerly depending on NetBIOS, I'm thinking you don't have an actual registered domain. What you want sounds like you need Host Overrides to sort of replicate what NetBIOS did for you.

    By the way, Microsoft has sort of abandoned NetBIOS names. That's why it appears buggy to you.

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    You need to pick a domain name to use.. pfsense default to like localdomain I believe..

    But you can use whatever you want - pick something that is not public and does not resolve on the public.. say ivan.lan or something..

    Now all your machines can resolve other machines via the fqdn comuser.ivan.lan

    If you don not want to type the fqdn, then setup search suffix, normally windows will use the domain handed out by the dhcp server for the domain as search suffix.

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