pfSense Crash Report

  • Hello! I have a install of pfSense at the front of my network that is reporting a crash nearly every time I log in. I can clear it and it will crash again within 5 min. I can't really read the crash report for anything useful so I came here to see if anyone can help me out. I haven't noticed this box acting weird compared to other pfSense installs I have other than the WebUI being sluggish. The routing and firewalling all seem to be working fine. Here's my report; thanks in advance!

    Crash Report

  • Netgate Administrator

    Looks to be some issue with the bxe driver/NIC.

    This doesn't look ideal:

    bxe0: ERROR: Changing VLAN_HWFILTER is not supported!

    This is also bad:

    Sleeping thread (tid 100411, pid 62759) owns a non-sleepable lock

    That seems to be the problem. It looks like a software issue, same crash every time.

    You might try a 2.5 snapshot to get the FreeBSD 12 drivers. Though I don't see anything to specifically address this in the driver history:


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