Hello all. Just got a msg, "pfSense has detected a crash report or programming bug."

  • pfSense has detected a crash report or programming bug. Click here for more information.

    Got the debug info. Do I need to send it to someone? Everything except some existing issues are working fine.

  • If you post it here, someone might look at it and help you deduce the cause.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yup post it for help if it's a short error.

    If it's a complete crash report it could contain potentially sensitve info, IP addresses etc.


  • too much code for a post.

    Crash report begins.  Anonymous machine information:
    FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p6 #3 518496b29ae(RELENG_2_4_4): Wed Dec 12 07:41:44 EST 2018     root@buildbot2.nyi.netgate.com:/build/ce-crossbuild-244/obj/amd64/ZfGpH5cd/build/ce-crossbuild-244/pfSense/tmp/FreeBSD-src/sys/pfSense
    Crash report details:
    No PHP errors found.
    Filename: /var/crash/info.0
    Dump header from device: /dev/gptid/77350cd0-314c-11e9-8d8e-00155d966a00
      Architecture: amd64
      Architecture Version: 1
      Dump Length: 68096
      Blocksize: 512
      Dumptime: Fri May 10 12:12:12 2019
      Hostname: pfSense.localdomain
      Magic: FreeBSD Text Dump
      Version String: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p6 #3 518496b29ae(RELENG_2_4_4): Wed Dec 12 07:41:44 EST 2018
      Panic String: handle_written_inodeblock: Invalid link count 65535 for inodedep 0xfffff8000ea49a00
      Dump Parity: 2888608372
      Bounds: 0
      Dump Status: good
    Filename: /var/crash/textdump.tar.0
    ddb.txt06000014000013465265234  7104 ustarrootwheeldb:0:kdb.enter.default>  run lockinfo
    db:1:lockinfo> show locks
    No such command; use "help" to list available commands
    db:1:lockinfo>  show alllocks
    No such command; use "help" to list available commands
    db:1:lockinfo>  show lockedvnods
    Locked vnodes
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  show pcpu
    cpuid        = 0
    dynamic pcpu = 0x851480
    curthread    = 0xfffff800050b6620: pid 0 "hvevent0"
    curpcb       = 0xfffffe00f67a3cc0
    fpcurthread  = none
    idlethread   = 0xfffff80003986000: tid 100003 "idle: cpu0"
    curpmap      = 0xffffffff82b83898
    tssp         = 0xffffffff82bb4710
    commontssp   = 0xffffffff82bb4710
    rsp0         = 0xfffffe00f67a3cc0
    gs32p        = 0xffffffff82bbaf68
    ldt          = 0xffffffff82bbafa8
    tss          = 0xffffffff82bbaf98
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  bt
    Tracing pid 0 tid 100064 td 0xfffff800050b6620
    kdb_enter() at kdb_enter+0x3b/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3070
    vpanic() at vpanic+0x194/frame 0xfffffe00f67a30d0
    panic() at panic+0x43/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3130
    handle_written_inodeblock() at handle_written_inodeblock+0x811/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3180
    softdep_disk_write_complete() at softdep_disk_write_complete+0x341/frame 0xfffffe00f67a31e0
    bufdone_finish() at bufdone_finish+0x34/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3250
    bufdone() at bufdone+0x87/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3270
    g_io_deliver() at g_io_deliver+0x230/frame 0xfffffe00f67a32d0
    g_io_deliver() at g_io_deliver+0x230/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3330
    g_io_deliver() at g_io_deliver+0x230/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3390
    g_disk_done() at g_disk_done+0x123/frame 0xfffffe00f67a33e0
    dadone() at dadone+0x18b7/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3990
    xpt_done_process() at xpt_done_process+0x6ab/frame 0xfffffe00f67a39d0
    xpt_done_direct() at xpt_done_direct+0x3f/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3a00
    hv_storvsc_on_channel_callback() at hv_storvsc_on_channel_callback+0x839/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3af0
    vmbus_chan_task() at vmbus_chan_task+0x22/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3b20
    taskqueue_run_locked() at taskqueue_run_locked+0x154/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3b80
    taskqueue_thread_loop() at taskqueue_thread_loop+0x98/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3bb0
    fork_exit() at fork_exit+0x83/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3bf0
    fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0xe/frame 0xfffffe00f67a3bf0
    --- trap 0, rip = 0, rsp = 0, rbp = 0 ---
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  ps

  • What were you doing when it crashed? It looks like some sort of Hyper-V event that triggered the panic.

  • PFsense running in VM on a r710. 2 seperate networks, office and 1AP and the other one 41 AP's. scaling up to 105 AP's soon. Been running great for months other than a separate issue.
    EDIT: its still running.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    From the backtrace it looks like a disk/storage issue. Is it running on local storage or maybe NFS? Perhaps a network storage hiccup?

  • Yep, it does seem right the drive failed after power surge thru the network. Took out one of my switches and two of my Ethernet ports on the server also........

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