LAN to WAN IPv6 dropping packets intermittently

  • I have a /60 tracked interface on LAN. Devices are getting IPv6 addresses as needed and IPv6 works, BUT not as well as IPv4 since IPv6 is having packet issues. This is where I need help resolving the issue.

    pfSense (2.4.4 release p2) has an IPv4+6 ip address for each interface (WAN & LAN)
    LAN clients have IPv4+6 addresses (IPv6 addresses are public IPv6 addresses as well as having a link-local)
    [From here down I will be talking about IPv6. IPv4 does not suffer from the following problem(all is well)]
    LAN to LAN pings (and packets) from any client to any client (pfSense or not) will NOT drop or have transmission issues
    WAN to WAN (pfSense WAN IPv6 address to ex: pings and packets will NOT drop or have transmission issues
    LAN to WAN (Even pfSense LAN public IPv6 address) to WILL drop pings and have transmission issues.

    TL;DR LAN to WAN IPv6 dropping packets (Approx 30% loss). WAN to WAN and LAN to LAN are fine.

    Any solutions?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    How about LAN to the IPv6 address on the pfSense WAN interface?

    How about LAN to the very next IPv6 hop outside the WAN?

    Packet capture on WAN. If the echo requests are being sent but no reply is being received, there's nothing pfSense can do about it. Complain to the ISP.

    It is very possible they could have something different configured (perhaps unintentionally) for the interface address/prefix and the routed, delegated /60 prefix.

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