Multi-Cloud DNS Management

  • Looking for some suggestions. We have resources in both AWS/Azure and also have a few resources at our office that we are slowly trying to move out. DNS servers are in Azure and using DNS resolver on pfsense. Was looking for solutions that would manage DNS and provide IPAM functionality. Just curious what the community is doing in a multi cloud enviornment.

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    What does it matter where the resources are? Not following your question..

    Be it they are cloud or some dc, or some house in Alabama?

    Not sure how this relates to dhcp and dns on pfsense exactly? Maybe we should move this to general questions.

  • @johnpoz apologies General Question forum would have been a better option.

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    Moved.. So where is the SOA for your dns currently? Are you talking multiple domains with multiple SOAs, etc.

    Are you currently using aws or azure for public dns resolution (azure dns and route 53) - or do you have something pointing to the cnames of your stuff hosted there, etc.

  • SOA is in route 53. Multiple domains. DNS endpoints are in Azure. Pfsense deployed in AWS and on premise. I’m still piecing this together as previous IT person just left

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