Notification on Connection

  • I didn't see this specifically in a search and didnt see anywhere else to place it.....

    It would be cool IF.....

    You could set a beep or other visual notification when certain clients IP address hit the WAN interface.

    Maybe ther'es already a setting for this?

  • No, or at least not by itself. Maybe Snort or Suricata could be configured to send an email alert on particular traffic hitting WAN, or perhaps you could create an explicit allow rule for that ip address and set it to log to a syslog server and then process an email alert based on that, but that's a huge hassle.

  • @KOM

    Right. Shouldn't be too hard to write a custom piece of code that simply created a pop up notification or a few beeps whenever a certain IP is logged.

    What you can do with this is limited only by your knowledge of php it seems.

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