Alix APU with mSATA - Installation from USB stick (memstick-serial image) not working - Boot Menu F12 not working

  • Hi,

    a few weeks ago I did an upgrade of my pfsense and it went bad. For whatever reason I got a similar problem like described here in this thread:

    In general no problem, because I have a backup and doing a fresh install is not a bad idea.

    My main problem is that I used rufus to copy the image (.img) to a 4 GB USB 2.0 stick.
    I used this image:

    I connect via putty and a serial connection with 115200 baud to the Alix APU. On boot when I press F12 i cannot boot from USB stick. I used both USB slots on the Alix board.

    I tried several tutorials, pfsense documentations but without luck. Several years ago I installed the Alix APU with an USB stick, too but I cannot remember what I did different than today.

    I would appreciate any help. My goal is to do a fresh install. No need to save any data.

    Kind regards

  • Hi again,

    after trying several times, differen USB sticks and so on I had to chose another terminal than the default.

    Welcome to pfSense!
    Please choose the appropriate terminal type for your system.
    Common console types are:
       ansi     Standard ANSI terminal
       vt100    VT100 or compatible terminal
       xterm    xterm terminal emulator (or compatible)
       cons25w  cons25w terminal
    Console type [vt100]: cons25w

    No I could run through the installer process

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