Gateway Group rule still created when all members are down

  • v244_p2

    In System -> Miscellaneous, the option Skip rules when gateway is down is ticked.

    For rules with an individual gateway selected, this works as expected; when the gateway is down (either via monitoring or forced down) the rule is not created.

    However if the rule specifies a gateway group whose members are all down, the rule is still created. I tested this by creating a 2-member gateway group, 1 member Tier 1 & the other Tier 2. I marked both gateways down. I created a rule to route to the gateway group and set it to log. I expected that the rule would not log any hits when both members were marked down, but in fact it did log hits and the traffic was passed.

    I see similar behaviour with OpenVPN when the interface is set to a gateway group. If only one member is marked down and the VPN is restarted, it will honour that and use the other member. However if both members are marked down, the VPN will still be established.

    Is this working as expected?

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