IPSEC Limiter

  • Hi All,

    I am at a loss trying to limit IPSEC Traffic.

    There is a 50Mbps connection (full duplex) as WAN

    This site has IPSEC VPN's to around 12 other sites. And currently sometimes IPSEC Traffic maxes out the WAN port at 50Mbps

    I would like to limit IPSEC Traffic to a total of 35Mbps leaving 15Mbps for other services like SIP etc.

    I have created an Inbound and Outbound Limiter of 35Mbps and applied this Limiter to the Firewall Rule via "In / Out Pipe"

    My limiters are set to 35Mbps, Mask = Source Address

    My Firewall Rule for IPSEC Traffic, is Source * Destination *

    Am I missing something stupid here ?

    Thanks, Scott

  • I think that's all you need to do, if you want to limit all IPSEC traffic.

  • Hi FSR,

    It is not limiting my IPSEC traffic. When I copy a file via the IPSEC link it can exceed 35Mbps and goes right up to full bandwidth

    Any ideas ?

  • Did you reset all states? (or even reboot the firewall, if that's ok, just to be sure)

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