SG-2220 issue with 2.4.4-p3?

  • I just installed 2.4.4-p3 on an SG-2220 and it's failed to come back online. I've had onsite folks power it down for a few minutes, then power it back up, and still nothing. Anyone else had this? I'm going to be onsite to troubleshoot it via serial later tonight, but thought I'd ask if I were an anomaly here.

    After one coreboot update a while back the SG-2220s had trouble on the first reboot, they had to be fully power-cycled to get them back online. After that they were fine. I was hoping this was a similar situation.

    I've updated a whole bunch of other models of routers across the gamut and they've come up just fine, but I think I'm going to hold off on our SG-2220 units for the time being.

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    No, there is no Systemic issue with the SG-2220. We test and verify for all of our hardware (and cloud based) product offerings to make sure the release is compatible with all of them.

    If you are having an issue with the device it is isolated to that device.

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    It could simply be a coincidental hardware failure.

    One of the recommended upgrade procedures is to reboot once prior to the upgrade so - if it fails there - you know it had nothing to do with the upgrade which is the likely case.

    You will want to get remote hands to tell you what the LEDs are doing and probably open a ticket at

  • I figured the issue was probably independent, but I applied the update really early so thought I'd see if anyone else might have been affected. The remote hands are otherwise occupied at the moment but I'll pull what info I can via serial and open a ticket if necessary. Thanks for the info!

  • @chrismacmahon said in SG-2220 issue with 2.4.4-p3?:


    My SG-2220 came back up fine. :)

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