IPSEC Site-To-Site

  • Hello,

    I recently build a new pfsense to our brand new office. We have others 2 branchs that we communicate with IPSEC VPN.

    Main office - LAN
    Branch 1 - LAN
    Branch 2 - LAN

    The thing is that the communication with the main office > Branch 2 stop working after some time. I can still ping all devices on the branch by LAN IP, but can't acess anything (Windows Servers, the pfsense Firewall using port 80, etc.)

    Meanwhile, I can access all the devices of Branch 2 using WAN IP. With this communication I can access the main office LAN from the Branch 2. So I am confused.

    Besides that, I can access using IPSEC VPN from Branch 1 > Branch 2 and vice-versa.

    Someone can enlight me on why is this happening?

    P2_Main_Office.jpg P2_Branch2.jpg P1_Main_Office.jpg P1_Branch.jpg

  • Hello,

    I reconfigured the VPN with different encrypt algorithm and hash and it worked. Topic can be closed.

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