SquidGuard + Times

  • Good day for all,
    this time is about squidGuard and times fuction.
    How this work ?
    I have two acls, I create the time in hours, giving a name for that, then, in acl, in time, selected it. in other acl, in 2nd place, is to have other time specified to work or none do the job in other hours range ?

    i created here two acls, then is specified to work 12:01-13:30, but, this acl still work in others hours not specified. It's normal ?

  • Possible look ACL screenshots with comment's ?

  • I have a problem with the times function that does not switch at the correct time.

    I use squidguard on pfsense 1.2.3-RC1 for web filtering, and have many blacklists included.
    The idea is to block facebook, twitter and other social networking sites during normal hours, and open them during tea-times and lunch time.
    The problem is that the thing is supposed to open these sites at 10am, but only opens them between 10:05 and 10:20. Tea time is 30 minutes long. =)

    If I click 'Save' then 'Apply', I can force the switch over at 10am, but this defies the whole purpose of an automatic switch over.

    I even tried puttingĀ  /usr/local/bin/squidGuard -u in the cron job to try and force a reload, but this does not work.

    It looks like squidguard is waiting for an opening between connections before it switches over.

    These worked without the blacklists, but back then, it only had two users.
    I want to try moving the blacklist URLs to 'destinations' to see if its related to ACLs, but that is no small change.

    I tried later versions with no luck. The development versions can not connect via my DSL lines, so those don't work.

    Please help.

  • ???
    Why need use cron?
    SquidGuard use one config without "reconfigure" and etc.. Each timed ACL contains 2 ruleset - for ontime and for overtime. SG take current time and compare with self config. If current time IN ontime, then taked 1 ruleset, else taked 2 rilest(right column)

    You should setup you pfSense date/time to you local zone for correct work.

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