PfSense Multi-WAN Support Using a DD-WRT Flashed Router as a "Smart Switch"

  • I'm in the process of setting up a Multi-WAN support using a low cost Alix kit at $200US w/ a WAN, LAN, & DMZ as the configured interfaces.  I don't own a Managed Smart Switch. It'll be a simple setup, I'm wondering if it's possible or has anyone used a DD-WRT router as the "Smart Switch" to enable VLAN/tagging instead of buying one of those managed smart switches, since it and OpenWRT are suppose to have much of the features of a Managed Smart Switch.

    I'll have 2-4 WAN connections [(DSL:1.5/384, Cable:6/768Mbps, Public WiFi (unreliable): 256-768/128Mbps, 3G(when I'm home)].  I'm hoping to grab a spare WRT54GL router and disable it's Wireless, flash it to a recent pre-SP2 release of DD-WRT, & properly configure it's ports for VLAN/tagging.

    The DMZ port will connect to a simple Public accessible Web server/NAS.

    The LAN port will connect to an old 5 switch.

    Does anyone know if such a setup is feasible, or has it been done.  It's the Multi-WAN interface, that I'm particularly unsure of.

    Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

    -Brian Lewis

  • Anybody???

    Tried on a La F*nera connected to a "dumb" switch, w/ Fonera making it "smarter", & results weren't so great.  Anyhow, so far it does work well only on a Buffalo, CPU usage on the router is a bit high during heavy usage. May try OpenWRT later, but probably buying a used 10/100 managed switch online for less than $50 a much better option.

  • blewis, where you successful with this?

    I have about the same setup as yours. I want to use my DD-WRT-flashed WRT54G to act as a managed switch for making vlans and doing 802.1q tagging but I'm new to this VLAN setup thingy. Would you be able to help me?

  • I followed the model used at:

    You must use the latest pre-sp2 release in the eko directory. It is more stable than the sp1 "stable" release.  dd-wrt isn't quite stable as it loses connectivity/locks up sometimes possible memory leaks.  I only used it for testing multi-wan….  What a pain!!  Get yourself a smart/managed 10/100Mbps used switch..  They are often thrown away by companies/government agencies...  They're considered "obsolete" by many now.  Save yourself the headache....  If you do plan on testing it, use buffalo's and wrt54g(l) routers w/ 4-8MB flash / 16-32MB ram.  If you need only dual wan, the ezplanet mod of dd-wrt is quite stable, though you need a 8/32MB router.

    good luck...

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