Replacement firewall testing

  • I am trying to replace my firewall with newer hardware and the same configuration. I've installed pfsense on the new firewall, restored restored the config, and assigned the interfaces and VLANs. When I plug the network cables into the new firewall, nothing works. I cannot get my webpage on the WAN and can't get the UI on the LAN. I've checked that I have the interfaces assigned right. Why else wouldn't this work? Am I wrong in assuming this is the right way to test?

  • You've given us almost nothing to go on, so this is all I can suggest:

  • @signalz said in Replacement firewall testing:

    newer hardware

    Means new NIC's ?
    Thus principal system settings like which NIC has which device driver thus which internal name, etc - changed.

    You can't import 'like' that a config made on system A to B if B has others hardware (read = NIC's).
    Well.. it can be done : take out the interface part when you import (something like that - never tried it actually).

  • The NICs work when connected to another modem and switch. I don't see how the drivers can be wrong, when the interfaces have been assigned and work everyone else.

  • I didn't say the drivers are wrong.
    A new system might have another brand of NIC's thus other driver names.
    The interfaces have to get re assigned again.
    Just importing the config won't work here, some manual work has to be preformed.

  • I restored a couple more times and the VLANs worked after reassigning the NICs. I don't know what went wrong during the first restores, but it finally works on the last one.

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