URL rewriting

  • Hi,

    I'm totally an nb, and I'm trying out PFSense to see if it can support our environement.
    Installing was as easy as could be, but then the 'phun' started.
    Easy to connect to the internet, but I want to do a url rewriting/redirection from
    outside coming requests to different servers.

    I'm running a ESXi enverinoment with 6 servers which has to be served via PFsense for the right incoming url.

    So 123.mydomain.com has to be redirected to server 5
    1243.mydomain.com has to be redirected to server 3 etc…

    Wandering around for the whole day to figure it out  :-[

    Is there anyone out there who can point/help me out out how to get this done?

    Much regards,


  • PfSense is not really HTTP "aware", so you can't use it to do rewriting of URLs or redirecting based on request headers.  If the load balancer is revamped in 2.0, then you might be able to do so then, if they go with a layer 7 balancer.  If you have multiple IPs that you can use on the WAN, then you can create Port Redirections from these IPs (that you "give" to pfSense by adding them as Virtual IPs) to ports on the ESX servers, and then just map 123.mydomain.com to the proper frontend IP in DNS.

  • So is there a kind off plugin wich can do the trick?

  • Not that I'm aware of.  The theory is that 2.0 will support relayd, which should be able to do what you want:


  • Could also set up an extra VM with Apache configured as a relay.  Not the "cleanest" solution but it's not bad and the added latency is minimal.

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