Upgrading SG-2440 to SG-5100, number LAN ports?

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    I have an SG-2440 running pfSense and it has performed well for several years until recently when it was hit by the "I can't boot bug" possibly also know as the Intel Atom 2000 bug. Anyway, ... while the 2440 is being repaired, I was considering upgrading to the SG-5100 and relegating the 2440 to quickly-available-backup-status.

    On the SG-2440, I had assigned the four ports to WAN, home LAN, guest wifi, and put the security cameras on the remaining port reachable only by VPN.

    Question: I might be reading this incorrectly, but the SG-5100 seems to have just three distinct LANs (ports): WAN, LAN, and the group of four switched ports.?. If I have misinterpreted the specs, I apologize for this NOB question. If did read the specs correctly and the group of four switched ports act like a normal switch, ... how would I configure the SG-5100 into separate house LAN, guest wifi, and CCTV branches similar to my current SG-2440 setup?

    Thanks for the help/insight!!!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    6 discrete router ports.

    2 igb ports and 4 ix (with 1G phy) ports.

    You will have to reassign igb2 and igb3 to two of the ix ports.

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    The SG-3100 is as you described, perhaps you meant that?

    You can separate on the switch ports using VLANs internally though on the SG-3100 if you need more than 3 interfaces.


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