My client cannot connect to the internet

  • Hey,

    I am trying to connect my pfsense-client to the internet (for example ping

    I set my pfsense-router's LAN-network is

    This is the configuration of my client:

    My pfsense-router:

    My dns according to my web interface:

    With the configuration I can ping and from my client but not, thus I cannot connect to the internet.
    My pfsense-router can ping and perfectly.

    I looked at my LAN-rules:

    I am an idiot of not getting why I cannot connect to the internet but if somebody can tell me I will appreciate it.

  • DNS prefers UDP today. So switch your DNS rule to TCP/UDP protol.

  • @viragomann said in My client cannot connect to the internet:

    DNS prefers UDP today

    DNS was always UDP, and can become TCP for special reasons.

    @Chasire : as you might have figured out by now, throwing away the default pass rule, to replace it with some TCP only rules.
    And why all the ? You don't trust your own router / pfSense ? Or is there is reason that should know what you're doing ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Gertjan Hello, thanks for commenting. I had set it to to test if I can get to ping to google. At the time I didn't trust the router. Thanks to your comment I have changed my dns to my router and it worked fine.


    The rules for lan are ok now because I can go to the internet.

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