Problem with WAN

  • Hello ppl. I have some problem with my WAN interface. When i set up IP adress for WAN interface i can't access to webgui through WAN and i can't ping host at all. I tryed to replace LAN card (but i know that is not answer and that is not problem :D) but same problem still exist. I faced with it first time and i can't solve that. Through LAN everything is ok. In instalation when i set IP for WAN ever. is ok and i ping him. After instalation, when all aderesses sets to def. (LAN , WAN - typ. DHCP) and when i set WAN adress through WEbgui through LAN i cant acess via WAN. I tryed to disable firewall and i dont know what i more tryed to do but still problem. Maybe i can't see something :) I am using RC1 on P4 machine. Real q. is is it possible at all to acess through WAN interface?


  • By default, everything is blocked at WAN (blocking connections is the purpose of a firewall). However, you can open up ports if needed by creating rules at firewall>rules in the webgui. For connections to the firewall itself you only need a firewall rule. If you want to forward connections to a client inside your LAN you need additional to this a NAT entry at firewall>NAT, portforward. Just create a portforward and it will create the appropriate firewallrule automatically.

  • Thanks bro. Now i can't open 443 Https :).

  • Do you want to forward it to an internal host or open it to the firewall itself? In case you want to open up the webgui see wan

  • Thanks once again ;)

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