Easy method for applying an existing SG-2440 configuration to a new SG-5100?

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    Is there an easy method for applying an existing saved SG-2440 configuration to a new SG-5100? I realize that igb2 and igb3 will now be ix<something>. Just looking for a possible shortcut.


  • Netgate Administrator

    That should be an easy conversion. When you import the old config it will ask you to reassign the interfaces and you can choose the ix NICs to use it will then save that and reboot into the new config. To be safe you should have the serial console connected for the first boot in case it asks you to assign the interfaces again there. It shouldn't but I have seen that happen.
    Alternatively you can edit the config and replace the igb NIC names with ix and then restore it.

    Watch out for any ppp connections which may still have igb NICs defined. Note the the ix driver does not support AltQ so if you have traffic shaping defined that needs to be addressed.


  • @stephenw10 - great news, thank you!

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