Fixed IP subnet routing and NAT in one box?

  • I am considering switching from my current DSL provider to a new fibre provider.

    I have a subnet of 8 fixed IP addresses. The DSL provider's box (Swisscom with its Centro router) takes on of the fixed addresses, and routes the fixed subnet out of its LAN1 port.
    I've connected my pfSense box to that port with its WAN interface, which receives another one of the fixed addresses. There are no other devices on the fixed subnet currently, but I've set up the addresses as virtual IPs for 1:1 NAT. My internal net is on the pfSense LAN port, configured as NAT.

    The fibre provider operates its fibre gateway as a bridge. I was told to configure my WAN port with DHCP, to receive the transport address, and the whole fixed IP subnet would be routed through this.

    Do I need to set up two boxes, one for the fixed IP routing, and the other one just like the NAT box described above, or is it possible (and makes sense) to combine these services in one box?

    OR could I assign one fixed IP to the OPT interface, set up the virtual IPs there, and configure LAN with NAT, just like now. Does this work?

    Edit: there is a section in The Book that seems to cover a variant of this configuration,
    Small WAN IP Subnet with Larger LAN IP Subnet, so no VIPs or assignments seem necessary for NAT. Can anyone confirm this is applicable the my situation?



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