pfsense through IPsec routing

  • Hi,
    I have 3 sites.

    Site A: using pfsense with 2.4.4 version
    Site B: Peplink
    Site C: Peplink

    In Site A: I have one server. Pfsense has IPsec connection to Site B Peplink
    In Site B: multiple workstations. This peplink connects to Site A Pfsense through IPsec. Also connects to Site C peplink with SpeedFusion (implementation of vpn)
    In Site C: I have one server. This peplink connects to the peplink in site B with SpeedFusion.

    If I ping server at Site C from Site A, there is no problem. Server A > pfsense A > peplink B > peplink C > server C. Works fine.

    If I pink server A from Site C, I can't reach to it. Server C > Peplink C > Peplink B > pfsense A > Server A. Doesn't work.

    Any clue what I need to setup here so that this works?


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