how to set a second LAN the same wan for surveillance devices?

  • We have Negate XG-7100. We set it as port 1 for Wan, Port 2-8 for LAN.

    How can I change it as port 1 still for wan, port 2-7 for LAN1, and Port 8 for LAN2 being used by a surveillance device. (LAN 1 and Lan 2 are seperate LAN). So that users in internet can access LAN 2 by using like WAN-IP:8800 (special port number).
    Can anyone give me suggestions or links on how to make this setup ? Thanks very much.


  • @caigeliu

    That would need a NAT rule.

  • Thank Gertjan, Is there any instruction that I can follow? e.g. create a vlan, assign a interface, create firewall/nat rules, etc, a complete procedure.

  • Just a NAT rule.

    The instruction are in the manual, but it's pretty straight forward.

    What you want is that 'everybody' or 'anybody' on the Internet can visit a server that you have on LAN2, using port '8080', TCP - right ?

    Let say that LAN2 has network and your server has IP
    The rule will be :


    From now on, incoming connections on your WAN interface, using TCP, on port 8080 will be redirected to LAN2 : IP : port 8080.

  • Thank Gertjan again.

    1. vlans:
      Remove member 8 from vlan 4091.
      create a vlan 10 and assign members 8,9t,10t.

    2. Ports:
      change port 8's Port VID as 10.

    3. Interface
      Assign vlan 10 on lagg0.
      assign interface OPT1 as VLAN 10 on logg0.

    4. firewall
      Create a NAT outbound rule for WAN.
      Create a NAT port forward rule for OPT1
      Rule in WAN is automatically created.


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