Multi wan without ICMP

  • IS there any good way of doing multi wan without ICMP
    My isp has informed me they have disable my use of ICMP for my safety mean while there system is letting pings through to my cable modem guess thats considered safe. whats next disabling http!!!!

    I wish we had so competition!!!!!

  • Who's your ISP?

  • It's a branch of Fairpoint Communications and is a cable modem system and all I have gotten out of them is thats the way the admin of that system wants it all of there other systems use it . the tech support said it was common for it to be disable claimed time warner does it.

  • Don't know what you've got access to externally but maybe you could set up a couple VPN tunnels, one per WAN link, and use IPs within the VPN? 
      Optimally your ISP would pull their head out, but if they're the only game in town then they can be idiots and get away with it so…

  • Yah the vpn crossed my mind it would be nice if there was other ways to health check .  I had an xincom that had other health checking means: traffic flow, http connect, and ping . I don't know if thats possible with any freebsd tools

  • Well, pfSense is OSS, hack away!  :):):)

    Yeah, in your copious free time, right…?
      Could also post it as a feature request, with a bounty if it's important.

  • Guess I came across all wrong was not trying to suggest any abundance of free/spare time, more or less get a feel if I was the only one up against this problem.  The multi-wan was why I came to pfsense.  I admit I am green user and try to help out other when possible.  I have contacted the ISP which was extremely insulted by my request to use ICMP they are massively ignorant to say the least we have had 2 separate 4 day outages is the last 3 year due to lightning strikes.  so I was trying to see if there was another way around the problem maybe I'll post it as a bounty and see if there is interest in strengthening this dual-wan weakness maybe its easier to be worked out in 2.0

  • The "copious free time" was sarcasm.  I quite often see forum threads elsewhere on tha intarweb where some mouth-breathing basement-dweller will tell a poster to just "get the code and fix it".  :)

    But back to your original problem - in this case I suspect it's a pretty rare need, most ISPs are at least slightly more clueful than yours.  Sorry!  :/
      One possible route would be to appeal to their human side and explain that you have multiple WAN links for a reason, i.e. working from home or whatever, and could they puh-lease make an exception in your case.

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