SIP States NO TRAFFIC after WAN connection changes - sometimes

  • Re: SIP/Asterisk behind pfSense with changing WAN IP - invalid States

    I have read about this several times, and I have this issue as well. I have tried several things and still cannot get this issue resolved. I have gateway monitoring set to one of the ISP's DNS server, and have tried Google DNS, etc... and this seems to work for when the WAN actually drops out completely ... the reset states option works for this.

    But what I have noticed is that sometimes when the DHCP lease gets renewed from the ISP, and the WAN IP doesnt change, then the UDP 5060 states go into a NO TRAFFIC condition and the PBX loses connection to the SIP trunk. Also, if the WAN connection just hiccups briefly, it will do this and the states dont get triggered to reset.

    I have all the recommended settings on PFSENSE for having VOIP ... the conservative optimization, manual outbound NAT for the PBX ports and disable pf scrubbing ...

    All of the VOIP works fine, I have been running this for more than a year with no issues other than this. I can manually delete the state that has NO TRAFFIC and the connection immediately comes back up. But this is a business and I cant afford to miss calls.

    I am almost to the point of using a different firewall because of this issue, but really like pfsense and want to keep it. Does anyone have any solutions to this issue?

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