How to create a separate subnet with gateway?

  • Hi,

    On my Docker VM I've created a separate (Docker) macvlan network with subnet and gateway (just as within the rest of the network). I'd like it to have its own subnet (e.g. but that will also mean it needs a gateway within that subnet.

    The solution I'm thinking of is creating a Virtual IP on the pfSense LAN interface with and also create a gateway on the LAN interface under Sytem > Routing > Gateways. A bit similar to what is described here:

    I've got two questions:

    1. Would Virtual IP + extra gateways be the recommended solution for creating multiple subnets behind pfSense?
    2. Is it a problem that a new gateway e.g. would fall inside the LAN subnet of (or is this exactly how it should be)?

    Current network configuration
    Pfsense LAN interface:
    VM hypervisor IP: - gateway
    VM (Docker host ) IP: - gateway

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