Creating two subnets on same lan using two Wan connections

  • Hello everyone, I have an issue i would wish to solve as i am not good at pfsense configuration that much. I have Two Wan connections from the same ISP through Port Mapping(VLANS), one connection is 30Mbps and the other too is 30Mbps.I have more than 30 Clients and i would like to divide these two Wan connections between these clients(Create two subnets) so that some clients use one of the 30Mbps and others use the other link, how can i achieve that? Kindly use a language i can understand as i am not a technical Guru .Thank you

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    Do you need to specify which clients use which WAN?

    You can do that using policy routing. Either pulling from separate IP ranges to each WAN or just use load-balancing between both WANs.


  • if your clients all on lan interface best practice is to use vlans to separate them if you have managed switch.
    then you will have separate interfaces with their own rules. you then create a rule on each and select the the desired default gateway/WAN on the advanced section.

    what i would do is create static dhcp preserved ips in the dhcp server lan page. and assign ips to all pc on the network.
    then create 2 aliases for each ips/pc you want to go to each WAN.

    Finally you will be able to create two lan rules with source aliases you create and select the wan on the default gateway in the advanced section.
    this be easy if your network don't change much often. because you need to manually assign ips to new clients using the dhcp server tab and also add him to the aliase.

    i have similar setup and it's working fine. lucky for me is there is only on pc that i want to go to the second WAN.
    so added new NIC and connected that pc to it and made a rule with gateway to the second WAN.

  • @Abdrouf4995 What if the first Wan fails(in your instance) does the second one kick in even though it is meant for one Lan

  • there is a simple solution to this.

    so you have a two rules in the lan for each alias pcs with default gateway to the desired WAN.
    or you have vlan with one rule on each with no need for aliases.
    that said
    let's assume you have WAN1, WAN2
    you need to create TWO failover groups with WAN1, WAN1. (in system >routing)
    the first group you need to put wan1 on tier 1 and wan2 tier 2.
    second group do wan2 on tier 1, wan1 on tier 2.

    like this
    then you will be able to select these two groups on your lan rules. instead of choosing wan1, wan2.

    what should happen is if in group wan1.
    wan1 fail it will switch to wan2.
    and same for group wan2.

    i got this failover working but for one group.
    but two groups should function the same.

    both groups will switch back to tier 1 when it comes up.

    i know this method because i came across it in this forum so credit to who ever post it.

  • @Abdrouf4995 Really appreciate your help, you are a charm my friend. So @Abdrouf4995 my situation now is that I installed another WAN connection, making them 3 Wan connections. What I would like is the same but now since I installed a third WAN, I would like it to be a backup in the case that one of the previous two WANs fail. Is that possible?

  • well just add it to both groups on tier 3, it's that simple.
    if tier 1 (high packets loss or high latency) it will switch to tier 2.
    and if both 1,2 dropped 3 will kick in.
    you control which one are primary and secondary with tier numbers.

    believe me every day you will find a new reason to love pfsense more. i love it so much
    i just installed it on a VPS and configured openvpn on it.
    so now i have a personal vpn for 5$/moth.

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