• Last night i just did an upgrade to version 2.5 Dev and that seems to have messed up my hardware. How can i downgrade to the older version 2.4.4?

  • Assuming you backed up your config as recommended Id download a fresh copy of 2.4.4. and reinstall and then apply your backed up config. :)

    What broke?

  • When i enable snort my internet stops working, and before that, it was working perfectly.I have even reinstalled snort but still the same situation. My memory usage has also doubled.
    Can i do a fresh install via the GUI

  • From GUI ?

    Download latest "2.4.4" and put it on a stick.
    Reboot from stick, and do the initial partition thing, etc.

    It's also advisable to use the config file you saved just before you went to 2.5 - if not, import the 2.5 config and see what happens.