Help on this Firewall+Routing question ??? Can this be done?

  • Hello all,

    I have a /28 subnet and I want to share some of those IPs with someone else’s firewall (so they can manage whatever they want below that).
    That said I need to be able to control the bandwidth (down+up) used by those IPs.
    I tried putting a public IP on a NIC connected to my Pfsense however I don’t seem to be able to establish the routing.
    My Pfsense is virtualised.

    Can someone please advise if is this possible (considering the resources)?
    Although I have good experience with NAT and firewalling I can’t say the same about routing :(

    Anyone that can provide some help?

    Thank you!

  • Galactic Empire

    Where is "someone else’s firewall", directly connected to yours ?

    If so a VIP + 1:1 NAT and a static default route on "someone else’s firewall" pointing to your router should do it.

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