Cannot ping WAN default gateway when sourcing from LAN

  • Hi, I cannot figure out why my NAT is not working (but I swear it was before). Here is my setup:

    pfsense box:
    WAN: <dhcp>, default g/w

    internet router:
    WAN: <dhcp> from ISP

    From the pfsense box, if I run diagnostics->ping using the following settings:

    IP protocol: IPv4
    source address: LAN
    maximum number of pings: 3

    I get no reply whatsoever

    HOWEVER, if I set source address to WAN, no propblem, I get replies.

    Aaaack!! can anyone help me figure out why NAT is working?


  • Oh crap, I found out what it was:

    Do NOT disable the firewall under System>Advanced>Firewall

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